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Our Team


Our team of professionals

are dedicated to providing enhanced pharmaceutical therapies with the ease of adherence.

Our History


We are proud to service the public one patient at a time.  Our dedicated staff, doctor networks and pharmacy providers are best in class! 

Our Mission


Integrating state of the art technology and advanced telemedicine solutions, our patients needs are met faster with far less hassle.  

state of the art technology to align our patient's needs with best of class medicinal therapies

Our Team

Call Center

Our facility contains over 60 patient advocate work stations to assist patient health needs associated with chronic pain aliments.


Our tenured telemedicine partners have provided tens of thousands of telemedicine consultations. 


We partner with doctor networks and pharmacies partners to facilitate our patient advocacy efforts.

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Passionate Coordinated Healthcare Experts

We have built our business with the intention of providing our chronic pain patients access to better healthcare solutions while leveraging the communication technology of our era. 

Telemedicine is the future of healthcare for managing non-emergent episodes.


Telemedicine has been around for over a decade but has been primarily limited to daily symptoms related to cough, cold flu, common illnesses. 

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